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We supply Airflow Snorkel Kits to suit a wide variety of 4x4 vehicles.

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Airflow Snorkels deliver air where it is needed.

Fuel efficiency, economy and improved performance from your vehicle is what Airflow Snorkels are all about - as well as being able to go through that river crossing without stalling.

Extensive dyno testing on the 200 series Landcruiser involving simulated driving speeds up to 145 km/h showed increased torque and power up to speeds of 95 km/h. An additional test to monitor the fuel economy on a long trip with a vehicle carrying 6 passengers and towing a campervan indicated an improvement of approximately 8% in fuel consumption.

This is when the Airflow counts. 

How does it work?

Your engine needs air and fuel to make it work.

 More air and oxygen going into the engine means more efficient combustion. With Airflow, air is taken in at roof level where the air is less disturbed, contains less contaminants from the road and traffic conditions and is cooler than air from the engine bay or at ground level.

Where air is taken from under the bonnet / hood or the wheel arch, the air is hotter than the air collected by a snorkel at roof level. The hotter the air, the less oxygen there is available for efficient combustion. 

Not all air rams are equal in performance

That's why Airflow Snorkels are designed, manufactured and tested to maximise performance.

 In general, air rams need an open face - preferably without a screen (which deflects airflow). The ratio of the open face of the air ram to outlet aperture should be a minimum 1.4:1. Any less than this and there will be insufficient cyclone action to effectively separate out the contaminants.

Any deflection in the incoming air flow can dramatically affect the efficiency and output. This can be caused by:

- Close proximity to a bonnet/hood
- A foil/curved top on the air ram
- Turning the air ram away from the direction of travel
- Where the air ram design makes the air go back on itself at an angle greater than 100°

In the case of the air ram being turned away from the direction of travel the result is lessening of the positive pressure that is desirable. In the extreme, a vacuum is caused (i.e. turning the air ram backwards which may cause engine damage and should only be used over short distances).

Incorrect design of the air ram can cause excessive induction noise, lack of separation and air blocking by vortex of the air at various speeds. This air blocking will limit air flow. This is a common occurrence where design and look of the air ram is put ahead of its functionality. 

Cyclone air ram operation

Air passing into an air ram creates a cyclonic effect that separates out the majority of the contaminants.

 As the air swirls, the heavier air particles move out where they hit the vertical ribs that slow the particles down. Then with the action of the air, gravity and the ram-effect the particles are pushed out through four slots in the air ram. The vehicle air filter removes the finer particles that remain.

Use of Cyclone Separator in harsh conditions

Where the environmental conditions are such that vision is impaired by dust, rain snow or bugs a cyclone separator non-ram type should be used.

This will not damage the engine duct and flow restrictions. The use of this type of separator will however reduce performance and economy.

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